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H2Flow is very happy to announce this big Signa installation in our territory! (more)
H2FLOW and GW&E selected for MolsonCoors wastewater treatment in Chilliwack, BC. (more)
H2Flow announces Eric Lannegrace - Market Manager to the H2Flow team! (more)

Inglewood WWTP Case Study

This project was incorporated as part of a new housing development to meet very strict discharge limits and the effluent is discharged to the nearby sensitive Credit River, part of the Credit River Conservation Authority. The plant is now operated by the Region of Peel. H2FLOW EQUIPMENT INC. supplied a FLUIDYNE ISAM SBR system including alum feed system followed by a TROJAN ultraviolet disinfection unit. It was delivered as a design-build project in co-operation with TOPSITE Contracting Ltd. The system has been operating very well and meeting the required discharge criteria. One of the inherent benefits of the ISAM system is the integral sludge digestion system. Sludge volume production is around 3000 gallons per month at a higher solids concentration than conventional treatment plants.