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Unique containerized biological treatment systems for remote locations, camps, (more)


Dissolved Air Flotation packages for water and wastewater applications, skid mounted (more)

H2Flow is very happy to announce this big Signa installation in our territory! (more)
H2FLOW and GW&E selected for MolsonCoors wastewater treatment in Chilliwack, BC. (more)
H2Flow announces Eric Lannegrace - Market Manager to the H2Flow team! (more)

New Screens at Nuclear Generating Facility

New Screens at Nuclear Generating Facility. Parkson recently secured an order for two Aqua Guard® AG-S screens to replace existing Arlat screens that failed within four years at a nuclear generating facility in southeastern Ontario. The facility draws service and cooling water from Lake Ontario and is one of the largest of its kind in North America. A nearby sister facility in Darlington, Ontario, uses Aqua Guard® AG-MN screens, which are still running successfully after more than five years in service.