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Unique containerized biological treatment systems for remote locations, camps, (more)


Dissolved Air Flotation packages for water and wastewater applications, skid mounted (more)

H2Flow is very happy to announce this big Signa installation in our territory! (more)
H2FLOW and GW&E selected for MolsonCoors wastewater treatment in Chilliwack, BC. (more)
H2Flow announces Eric Lannegrace - Market Manager to the H2Flow team! (more)

Wastewater treatment solution for Cookstown Outlet Mall

H2Flow’s is ready to go….. shopping!  Last year H2flow was selected to provide a Fluidyne Sequencing Batch Reactor treatment process to treat wastewater from the Cookstown Outlet Mall. The high rate system, provided as an upgrade to the existing lagoon, is now installed and ready to go.