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H2Flow Equipment Inc.

H2Flow supplies processes and equipment for water and wastewater treatment for industrial and municipal use and actively works with plant engineers & operators, consulting engineers and contractors.

Industrial customers typically include the power, food, mining, automotive, pulp & paper, metal & steel, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Since opening for business in January 1992, the company has become a leader in the marketplace and has enjoyed steady growth. Our team consists of skilled engineers, technicians and support staff. Our company focus has been predominantly on capital equipment and oriented towards process solutions.

H2Flow is committed to providing good customer service and to building long lasting relationships with clients, consultants and contractors, along with the best technical and engineering support.


Offers the Following

Equipment Sales

H2Flow Equipment represents leading manufacturers of water, wastewater, odour control equipment for municipal and industrial applications in Ontario, Quebec and the rest of Canada.


Engineered Systems

With very strong in-house engineering capability, H2Flow is capable of putting together seamless integrated water and wastewater equipment packages and customized systems for municipal and industrial customers.


Dissolved Air Flotation

H2Flow's very own line of Dissolved Air Flotation units. DAF is a technology used extensively for wastewater treatment in food plants, oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, many major industries and municipal wastewater plants.


Containerized Treatment Plants

H2Flow's unique TILT and HILT product lines of Containerized Package Treatment Plants based on ISO liquid shipping containers. MBBR’s, MBR’s and SBR’s.


H2Flow International

H2Flow's is a key water and wastewater technology exporter, and has local partners in many parts of the world.


H2Flow Tanks

H2Flow Tanks & Systems Inc. is partnered with PERMASTORE to provide Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank technology across Canada, along with innovative mixing devices, other tanks and integrated processes.


Featured News

H2Flow TILT MBBR – Transportable Integrated Local Treatment
Sept. 14, 2020

Containerized Bioreactors: What does a complete wastewater treatment system that can be delivered almost anywhere and is plug and play look like? H2Flow’s TILT treatment plant with MBBR (Moving Bed B…

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H2Flow Rotary Screens
Sept. 10, 2020

H2Flow Rotary Screens are the first step in removing larger chucks of waste in a complete wastewater treatment system. The screens allow the water to separate from the chunks. The screen collects the…

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H2Flow Sludge Storage Tank
Aug. 24, 2020

What does a Sludge Tank look like? This animation shows how sludge travels through the piping with the suction help of a sludge pump. The H2Flow Sludge Storage Tank stores the sludge safely until fur…

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