I am very pleased to announce that Albert Wakim has been appointed to the position of President of H2Flow Equipment Inc. There truly is a very promising future and new beginning at H2Flow Equipment.

Many of you have had the opportunity to work with Albert over the past thirty years. He was with Michael at the very beginning and has stood by our family, our associates, customers, and principles throughout his entire time with H2Flow Equipment.

Albert has recently stood in front of our employees and delivered the following message:

A wise man once told me that after an iconic founder and leader is no more with us, and after the mourning and the sadness are done, we are left with a simple recipe for continuation and for success in his steps. Here are the three ingredients of this recipe that need to be found at every level of our organization:

- Conscientiousness
- Courage
- Cohesiveness

We believe that Albert embodies all of these ingredients and will ensure that the vision, passion and commitment that Michael showed us every day will be carried on into the bright future of H2Flow Equipment.

Based out of our head office in Vaughan, Ontario, Albert will oversee all global operations of H2Flow Equipment and is committed to long-term sustainable growth for the Company.


Helma Albanese
Owner & Director

Aug. 18, 2023, 9:18 a.m.
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